Saturday, December 29, 2007

What's up with the repeat stories? the repeat stories?

Dear Digg,

Over the last few weeks, submitting stories to Digg has become more challenging. Sometimes, when you hit the submit button, it does nothing. You can wait and wait and wait, but nothing happens.

Human nature says to hit the button again. Voila! It works. Then you go to your submitted stories and you see that you submitted the story again.

First question: Can this be fixed?

Since we know the answer to the first question is "Yes, it's just a bug and we're working on it", it brings to mind the second question: Can we get the option to edit or delete a submission?

It would be a temporary answer to the first question. More importantly, we've all had the occasional snaffu where we notice something after we submit that we would like to change -- misspellings, poor wording, whatever -- and we're stuck, looking foolish, unable to make the change.

Case in point: a perfectly good story ruined by Digg.

We know the technology is available. It's in the comments. A time limited way to make changes. Please give it to us for submissions.