Thursday, July 19, 2007

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What is it?

From the perspective of being a social bookmarking site the way it was originally supposed to work, is the best. Very simple to use, great plug-ins, and a wide variety of easy-to-integrate-and-import partner sites makes great for non-SEO surfers.


Traffic to is one of the best. From a strictly social bookmarking perspective, the hotlist is a very common daily stop for millions of people. Getting to the front page, the "hotlist" means a burst in traffic beaten only by Digg.

The feeds that come from to other websites are extremely easy to use. Many social sites have an option to receive the feed, so tagging a site on is like tagging a site on several sites in one step. This is the best feature for


Very few, other than the one glaring one...


Many SEOs became tearful the day that implemented "nofollow" onto their links. The link itself, if not tagged by others, is pretty much worthless. Luckily, most of the sites that accept feeds do not have nofollow and the attribute does not follow the link when imported.


Next to digg, is the best site for SEO if you take into account the feeds and shared favorites. To many, it is actually better for this very reason.

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